and FAQ

What is the GEWA-Electronics Store?

With the GEWA Electronics Store you have the possibility to expand your G9 workstation with many new samples. Here you can choose from many samples of different categories, which you can buy in the shop and load directly onto the module via WiFi.

How do I create an account?

You can easily register in the shop with your email address and the serial number of your G9 workstation.

How do I register my G9 Workstation?

Your G9 Drum Workstation will be registered via the serial number when you create your account. In the Tools window of your G9 Drum Workstation, you can log in with the shop's access data and access purchased sounds.

Where can I find the serial number of my G9 Workstation?

The serial number of your module can be found on the enclosed Customer ID card, on the back of the module, or in the General Information tab of your G9 Drum Workstation's Settings tab.

How many modules can I register?

You can link up to 5 different modules to your account. The link can be removed at any time. Please note that as soon as you remove a link, the sounds on the module will no longer be available.

I bought a sound, what now?

After you have purchased a sound via the Soundshop, it will appear in the Shop module of your G9 Drum Workstation. Here you can download the sound or the package. After the download, the samples are available in the Import Tool. Here you can also select individual samples to import into the sound bank. After the import the sounds are available in the category "Import" in the Kit Editor.

How do I get the sounds to my G9 workstation?

The sounds are downloaded directly from the shop via the WiFi connection. Please note that an existing internet connection is required to download the sounds.

I have a coupon code, how can I redeem it?

Vouchers are not yet supported.